I really like to run, but I didn't use to. I ran track (very slowly) in high school, and then quit running completely until my senior year in college. I just picked it up last and used a really simple training program to start running. After my first 5K, I was hooked! I haven't looked back since. I truly believe anyone can be a runner-- it's a great habit!

If you're interested follow my mileage on Twitter, see my weekly workout recaps or check out my current running goals. Scroll down to see my race recaps!

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Marathon Training Posts:
Pre-race posts:
Long runs: 
5/16/2010 27th Annual For Women Only 5K- 36:28
6/6/2010 Dexter-Ann Arbor Run- 34:24
7/11/2010 Grand Haven Triathlon Sprint Relay- 33:22
12/5/2010 Holiday Hustle 5K- 28:26 (PR) 
6/5/2011 Dexter-Ann Arbor Run- 28:33 
11/12/11 Iron Turkey 5K- 29:16

10/3/10 Big House Big Heart 10K- 1:00:50
10/9/11 Big House Big Heart 10K- 57:14 (PR)
11/12/11 Iron Turkey 10K- 1:01:18

Half Marathon
10/17/10 Detroit Free Press Marathon and Half- 2:20:53
3/26/11 SunTrust National Half Marathon- 2:06:33 (PR)
11/20/11 Philadelphia Half Marathon- 2:06:40

5/14/11 5/3 River Bank Run 25K-- 2:34:51 (PR)

5/28/11 Bayshore Marathon-- 4:46:06 (PR)
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