Sunday, December 5, 2010

Holiday Hustle 5K Recap!

Yesterday I woke up with a cold. That's a bad sign for a day when I have a race in 30degree weather. I spent the morning eating oatmeal, tea, and soup to prepare for the race. Once my running buddy and I got to the park where the start and finish of the Holiday Hustle 5K was, we got our bib numbers and complimentary jingle bell bracelets and we were off!
The race was pretty hard for me. I didn't feel very well but strived to maintain a good pace. My splits:
Mile 1: 9:09
Mile 2: 9:25
Mile 3: 9:15
0.1 mile: 7:15

I lost some energy in the second mile, partly due to hills and partly due to a point in the course where we had to run single file up a sidewalk! Not fun.

All in all though I absolutely smashed my 5K PR of 33:22 and raced a solid 28:26!!! I'm so proud and happy with my time, and it was a great way to end my first year of racing.

So I came home, showered, and grabbed some post run fuel-- TJ's gingerbread coffee and a huge sweet potato with toppings. I used to be so lost in the kitchen but Caitlin shows just how easy it is! From her I learned that you can pop a huge sweet potato in the microwave for 5 minutes after washing it, poking it a bunch with a fork and wrapping it in paper towel.

So easy, and so delicious! I topped mine with a little bit of butter, brown sugar, almond butter and pecans. YUM!

After dinner I hopped on my bike and biked into campus to hear Handel's Messiah. It's a body of work from the 1700's that Handel wrote taking passages exclusively from the KJV of the Bible. The piece is written for orchestra, opera singers and chorus, and did not disappoint. The picture above is taken from the Hill Auditorium, one of 3 'acoustically perfect' auditoriums in the world! It was outstanding and absolutely beautiful.

Post-concert, I came home and crashed hard. Yay for Saturday!

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