Monday, January 24, 2011

Extreme Snow Running

I'm addicted to snow running. Totally unexpectedly, I've loved all of the times I've been able to get outside this winter and run. Something about the cold air, quiet streets, pretty snow and rush of running combine for an awesome adventure. Quite simply, I've never felt more alive.

This weekend I went back to my hometown of Holland, MI which is right along the lakeshore of Lake Michigan. Per my training plan, I had scheduled a long run for Saturday. When I woke up to a snowstorm, I knew it wasn't going to happen. But after some prodding from my running partner, I suited up and we headed out into the storm.

The snow was totally ridiculous. Most of the time we were running through about 6 inches of snow, but that was nothing compared to when we hit the lakeshore and knee-deep snow was the norm! We had a crazy amount of fun jumping over drifts and playing in the snow.

The only other life we saw out there was a lone snowblower and 2 other runners! I love this crazy sport.

We ran about 2 miles, and ended at Lake Michigan. Climbing to the top of a dune, we were totally exposed to the wind and looking out on the lake felt amazing.

Coming back in to warm up I grabbed a cup of hot chocolate. Perfect.

Today Ariell and I decided to tackle our long run in Ann Arbor. It snowed a bunch during the day, so we were hesitant to go but once we started out it was fantastic. Night running in the snow with a great friend, there truly is nothing better.

Our splits were slow for us, but we kept a great pace and more importantly didn't fall down once! That's the best way to snow run.
Mile 1- 10:11
Mile 2- 12:02 (steep snowy hills!)
Mile 3- 10:40
Mile 4- 10:13
Mile 5- 10:50
Mile 6- 11:22

Afterwards I came home and was starving. Luckily Sam is always willing to order me some delivery thai drunken noodles. I had the same thing as last week: noodles with veggies, eggs, tofu and spice! A complete meal.

Last week:
This week:

Have you had any fun in the snow lately? I want to get out and do some sledding!


  1. I'm so glad there are people like you (and my husband) in the world to balance out people like me who hate the cold and want summer to come back. ;)

  2. Wow! I am really really proud of you. I can never go out for a run in so much snow. I am very impressed.

  3. thank you both!! I actually hate running in the heat of summer, so I'm loving the cool running for now :)


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