Hi, I'm Kaitlin!  I'm 22 and a second year graduate student in microbiology at the University of Michigan. I absolutely love science, discovery and investigating the unknown in this awesome and beautiful world. I spend a lot of my time studying and working-- but science is my passion!
Alongside science, I stay sane with running. I was on dance team in college, but once that ended I was at a loss for ways to stay fit. I fell in love with running and it keeps me stress-free and fit while in grad school. Running has transformed my life and I've since completed 2 half marathons, a 25K and a marathon. One of my favorite quotes: "Science and running are very similar; they both reward focused effort."
When I'm not running or studying, I'm hanging out, baking goodies, going to beer tastings, attending concerts and living life. I also am interested in food issues and human rights, and I try to have some serious and informative posts every once in a while, like my recent post on the ethics of eating bananas

I hope my story and blog shows that a healthy, productive and fun life is completely attainable during grad school. And that includes room for delicious chocolate chip pumpkin bread :)
thanks for stopping by! If you want to talk, shoot me an email at runforsushi@gmail.com or find me on Twitter!

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