Monday, February 7, 2011

When Long Runs Don't Happen

This weekend brought another snowstorm. Saturday there was a downpour of snow!

So I postponed my planned 6 miler until Sunday. I spent all Saturday looking like this:
On Sunday, the sidewalks were still super snowy, slick, and wet. This left me with only one choice for my long run: the treadmill.

I went to the gym and got all set up. I brought a huge water bottle, reading material to cover the treadmill screen and a new playlist. The campus gym is pretty low-tech-- there are no TVs or fans so you gotta make do.

After 3 miles, I took a short walking break. As soon as I stopped running I was hit with massive stomach pain :( I tried jogging another half mile and had to call it quits. A weekend of too much chocolate and beer foiled my attempts at a long run.

On the way home I sulked a little bit. I kept having to remind myself running is not easy. In fact, I once heard a saying that only 1 out of every 3 runs truly feels 'great' and I have to agree. While I do love the sport, it's hard on the body and mind.

Rationally, I realize that missing this run won't have a major impact on my overall performance. It doesn't mean I failed as a runner or should be ashamed. Running 6 miles is hard, and trying to run it indoors is even harder. I should be proud of the 3.5 miles I did crank out on a snowy Sunday afternoon.

So I went home and made Evan's Better than Boxed Brownies for the Superbowl party. They were a big hit.
There was also tons of other food- chips, dips, pizza, wings, salsa, St. Louis butter bars and of course beer. I was rooting for the Packers, and they won!


The best commercial of the night hands down was Chrysler's "Imported From Detroit". As I watch it I remember running through Detroit for my half-marathon and looking at the beautiful monuments of the city. I hope it continues to be revived.

Who were you rooting for in the Superbowl? Or did you watch the Puppybowl instead? The puppies were adorable!


  1. How fun to read your blogs! I think you did fantastic getting in over 3 miles! I'm so proud of you and the Packers!

  2. Aww, it's discouraging when we can't do what we want our bodies to do, but you're right - it's not always easy. And you will be fine the next time you run. :)

    My favorite commercial was definitely the one with the little boy dressed as Darth Vader. The dad in that commercial is JUST LIKE Christopher. Loved it! <-- that's it :)


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