Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Post Marathon Eats and Body

After my marathon on Saturday, all I wanted to do was eat.

And eat I did. I enjoyed lots of local fare like Great Lakes chips from the post-race party...
and Short's Huma Lupa Licious IPA and chocolate covered cherries from the Traverse City area.
Later that night we had an awesome dinner of eggplant casserole and strawberry salad.
I was so incredibly sore for the few days after the marathon. I could barely walk and going up and down stairs proved to be quite difficult! Thankfully I didn't have anything that felt like more than just soreness (like an injury) so I stretched and waited it out. While lounging around I saw this little guy sneaking into the bird feeder!
I spent most of the first two days after the marathon sitting on the couch and reading the new Jodi Picoult book. I didn't like it at all! Usually I'm a fan of hers but this one was really lacking.
Mostly though, I just felt super tired and almost sick. I couldn't sleep, my stomach was off and I was really hot for a few days (from muscles releasing heat chemicals upon tissue damage). So mostly I just looked like this:
Before heading home from Traverse City, we stopped in Northport for lunch. I had an amazing grilled cheese on wheat with the famous tomato bisque.
And was shocked to see my name in the paper with the marathon results. So cool!
Finally, yesterday I went for my first run since the marathon, 1 mile in 10:30. I took it slow and enjoyed the sunset.

This weekend I'm running the Dexter Ann Arbor 5K for the second year in a row! I certainly don't expect to beat my 5K PR from December as I'm still in recovery and haven't been training for speed, but it's a fun local race and I'm super excited to run it.
My last few posts have been very running-heavy-- I promise to switch it up this weekend!

What are you looking forward to in June?


  1. Take care of yourself! I got sick after my marathon and it took me over a week to get over it!

  2. Excellent post, about the muscle soreness, I found repeated stretching, including squats, along with a lot of water and regular meals made the recover time way better. I was almost free of soreness overnight and totally ok by day 3. :)


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