Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Philadelphia Half Marathon Week 11 Recap + Goals

Half Marathon week is here! Wahooooo!!!

My training so far: Week 1Week 2Week 3Week 4Week 5Week 6Week 7Week 8Week 9, Week 10

This past week marked getting back into running (after being sidelined by the injury) and adjusting to the new dark hours (at 5pm!).

I've been trying to not run two days in a row lately. Although I really love running back to back, it might not be the best for my injury right now.

M- 1750m swim (1 mile!!)
T- 3.6m run
W- 1100m swim
R- 3m run (inside while it snowed!)
F- rest (slept through yoga... again)
S- IronTurkey 15K race!
S- rest
totals: 16 run miles, 1.6 swim miles

Last week went pretty well! I'm feeling great after the IronTurkey and pain-free (so far). I'm getting pumped about the race this weekend and can't wait to head to Philly.

Something I've been thinking pretty hard about are my goals for this race. When I first started training, I was hoping to focus a lot on speed training and had a lofty goal: sub 2:00. Then, injury, illness and work struck, resulting in a full week and a half off of running to heal. Now I'm thinking about what's realistic to expect and strive for this weekend.

My A+ goal: sub 2:00. While I think it's pretty unlikely, might as well shoot for the moon :) This is a pace of 9:07 min/mi.

A goal: Beat my PR from the National Half. This is a goal I think is possible and will be thrilled to meet. This means an average pace of at least 9:39 min/mi.

B goal: Beat my time from the Detroit Half. I feel confident that, barring disaster, I could nail this goal. I'll need an average pace of at least 10:45 min/mi.

C goal: Cross the finish line!

No matter what happens on Sunday, I know I'll finish happy, strong and proud. I'm excited to run with my friend Kourtney, visit the city of brotherly love and run a rockin' race!


  1. a sub 2 is very do-able! you can do this, never give up and run for the goal!

  2. Great goals! Have fun out there.

  3. good luck and have fun!! :)


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