Thursday, November 10, 2011


I know that doesn't look like snow but... it's there.

I'm from Michigan, but every year seeing the first snowflake is pretty amazing. After working most of the day in a windowless lab, I made my way to departmental tea and looked out the window for the first time since the morning. Snowflakes!! I actually cheered for the snow.

Most of my friends hate it though: many come from warmer climates or just get sick of all of the cold and cloudy days. But... I really love winter. Fall is beautiful and summer is hot, but winter is truly awesome. The world becomes a frigid place and running, biking and hiking in it is amazing.

Running through the wintery city or the snowy forest is unreal. The crisp air and quiet make me happy to be out on a run. I cannot wait for winter.

Right now, the snow won't stick. Right now, I'm pretending it doesn't sometimes snow on April 18. But soon...
It's going to be a winter wonderland :)

1 comment:

  1. I love winter too, but I like Virginia winters where it doesn't stay cold for too long. I could use more snow though.


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