Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Philadelphia Half Marathon Training Week 10

12 days until the Philly Half Marathon! Let's see how training is going...

but first, a look back:  Week 1Week 2Week 3Week 4Week 5Week 6Week 7Week 8, Week 9

To be quite honest, training is not going very well at all. After another injury, this past week was discouraging. Top it off with a nasty cold and I didn't get much done.

I laughed out loud when last week a friend mentioned she read my blog and was "all caught up on my feet" (because of the injuries). So this week.. no more! Here's a pretty picture of campus instead.
Anyway, I managed to squeak out a few workouts even though I couldn't run:
M- off
T- strength training for runners
W- 9mile hilly bike and PT
R- 1600yd swim
F- off
S- off
S- 2.2 mile run (pain free!!)
total: 9 bike miles, 0.9 swim miles, 2.2 run miles

So obviously my mileage is super low for this point in the training cycle. It definitely makes me nervous heading into the half marathon being slightly underprepared. I'm back to running now, albeit carefully, and will be trying to slowly ramp up mileage again before next Sunday.

I'm hoping for one last long run before the race. Of course this depends on the ol' injury and what the physical therapist says, but I'm confident I'll cross the finish line happy in 12 days :).

How are your workouts going?


  1. i'm trying to decide what to do about the Philly full right now because I was out of training for a while this summer...seriously 12 days YIKES!

  2. I know!! totally scary. maybe you can run the half?


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