Sunday, October 23, 2011

Philadelphia Half Marathon Training Week 8

Last week was one of complete insanity. It was wonderful but incredibly busy. I once again managed to stay relatively on top of my workouts though.

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This week I started out strong with a solid 9 miles all over Ann Arbor. I kept a great pace and the weather held out. Hopefully tomorrow is just as nice when I tackle 10!
Remember how last week I was babbling about quality workouts? Well this week was less than quality. It was pouring rain, so on Wednesday and Thursday I hit the treadmill. Even when running tempo runs, I never feel as spent after a treadmill workout.

M- 9m long
T- light strength training
W- 4m tempo (2m @ 8:57-9:02 pace) treadmill
R- 3m treadmill
F- off (skipped yoga)
S- off
S- 4m fall run
total: 20 miles

I'm glad I even managed to squeeze in the two treadmill workouts. This week was straight up absurd for science work. UM hosted a microbial pathogenesis conference this weekend and I worked my tail off to get ready.
It was an amazing conference, much bigger than the last one I went to. There are so many fantastic scientists and students in the midwest and I feel like I learned so much. I also got great feedback on my project and am excited to move forward.

Luckily the warm weather is coming back a little bit, so the 10 miles should be smooth tomorrow. Only 4 weeks till the race!

Happy running and studying :)

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