Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Sadako Sushi

In accordance with my blog title, yesterday I ran 8 miles, and today I had some sushi.

It was pretty phenomenal.

My favorite sushi place in Ann Arbor is Sadako, right on South University. They offer the best in price, selection, location, and awesome lunch specials.
Each meal starts out with a generous portion of salad with carrot ginger dressing and miso soup.
The number one reason I go to Sadako is the wide selection of rolls. Although I am a vegetarian, I still do eat fish, and Sadako's selection does not disappoint. I generally try to go for some sort of veggie roll (usually less than $5!) and a spicy or salmon combo roll.
Sadako also offers deep fried rolls, which rank pretty close next to creme brulee on the food nirvana scale. I didn't get any today, but a deep fried california roll is the easiest way to my heart.
The best part about sushi is the leftovers. I think I know what I'm having post-strength training today.
 Run far, eat sushi.

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