Saturday, August 20, 2011

Wisconsin Weekend

This summer I have spent nearly every weekend traveling. I've gone from Colorado to Lollapalooza, to Northern Michigan and now Wisconsin. All of the weekends have been great, but today was by far the most perfect day.

Today started as all Saturdays should: with a long run.
I knocked out 5 miles on the gorgeous Great River State Trail.

The trail runs right along the Mississippi River separating Minnesota and Wisconsin. It was so lovely!
5 miles done in about 50 minutes.

Next up was a tour around the big monuments of Wisconsin. My mom and I took another picture of ourselves in front of the big fish!
Certainly a change from last November!

We also saw the world's largest six pack. It's actually entirely full of barrels of beer!
Followed by an absurdly delicious tofu and roasted red pepper sandwich from the co-op.
Later we kayaked in the lake,
and enjoyed the lovely local brews.
My mom grilled up an insanely delicious dinner-- field roast veggie sausage, local sweet corn on the cob and a giant salad. Perfection.
I provided the dessert: greek yogurt cheesecake with peaches and raspberries (from jenna's recipe). It. Was. The. Bomb.
I love Wisconsin and have had the best day visiting my mom! I only wish we lived closer.
How's your weekend been?

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