Sunday, August 28, 2011

Getting My Life Back On Track

Time to come clean: it's been a rough month. Between studying for prelims, moving/living in 3 different apartments, being sick and trying to finish up some research at work, my healthy eating and exercising habits have floundered.

So much so that I got sick again.
Instead of being super frustrated about it, I'm trying to think of all of the bad habits this month that led to this relapse and how I can change them.

1) High stress levels. This month involved taking required grad school qualifying examinations and moving all of over Ann Arbor, and stressing out to the max. Thankfully August is almost over! With it brings the start of classes and more research, so I'm hoping to enter with a calm mindset.
2) Poor eating/too much takeout. To be quite honest, I haven't gone grocery shopping in over three weeks! With nowhere to live permanently and spending most weekends out of town, I relied on takeout food. Even when choosing the healthiest options, I still managed to eat way more and unhealthily than usual. But, I'm excited to say that I went to the grocery store today!

Before: 80% booze and takeout containers
After: fresh foods!!
3) Lack of exercise maintenance. I have been working out a decent amount, but not with the regularity I used to. Exercise promotes a healthy immune system and is so good for you! This week, I set a new goal, and am excited to work towards it. Still, I only ran 6 miles this week.
Will being more mindful about these things make my immediate sickness better? Probably not. But I hope it ensures that the next semester is full of fun, happy and healthy times.

How do you stay on track when life gets crazy?

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  1. Just think about your totally awesome-crazy-beer-filled-reunion-vacation in Philly and I promise it will help get you back on track:o)


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