Monday, August 22, 2011

Weekly Workout Recap

Happy Monday, everyone!! I'm back with a recap of last week's workouts.

Last week was crazy with moving out and taking my grad school prelims, but I still managed to crank out more miles than I have since May! Wahoo!
Here was the plan:
S- 2 miles
M- 3 miles
T- yoga
W- 3 miles
R- off
F- off
S- 5-6 miles

And here's how it went down:
S- 2 miles
M- 3 miles
T- Off
W- 3 miles
R- off
F- off
S- 5 miles

total: 13 miles!!

I'm so thrilled to be getting back into my running game. My runs are still a little slower than usual, but I'm loving it!

This weekend I had a great long run in Wisconsin...
and have even been sporting the latest in fall trends: color blocking!
Up for this week:
S- Rest
M- 3 miles fast
T- 2 miles or yoga
W- Strength + abs
R- 4 miles
F- off
S- 6-7 miles

This week I have a LOT of science research to get back to, so these workouts might flip flop around. As for tonight, I have a date with a super speedy friend for a 3 miler-- let's hope I survive! Finally, I hope to pick up a desperately-needed new pair of running shoes.
Have a great workout week!

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