Sunday, July 17, 2011

Weekly Workout Recap #4

Does anyone else completely lose their motivation to workout on the weekends? I've been so bad about it lately.
Last week was a pretty solid week though! Here's what I had planned.
S- 3 mile jog (done!)
M- 1200m swim
T- 2 mile run (speed intervals)
W- 3 mile run
R- yoga?
F- rest
S- 4 mile run

And here's how it played out:

S- 3 mile jog
M- 1300m swim
T- 2 mile run (speed intervals) + weights
W- 3 mile run (with a new playlist!)
R- vinyasa yoga!
F- rest
S- rest
totals: 8 miles/1300m

I had so much fun with my workouts last week. I think it's the perfect mix of variety and difficulty for me! Monday I crushed my swim workout and vinyasa (hot) yoga on Thursday was so fun and challenging.
I haven't been training for anything lately, and that's mainly because I'm about to enter a month of pretty intense science work. I have a week-long conference in Colorado next week, and then I have three weeks of studying for my preliminary exams to advance to candidacy. So this week is going to more about fitting in my workouts and keeping a baseline fitness.
What I'm planning:
S- rest
M- 1200m swim
T- 2 mile speed and weights
W- 3 mile run?
R- yoga
F- rest
S- run/swim/yoga

It's going to be godawful hot all over the country this week so I don't have high hopes for my running workouts. We'll see!
What are your workout plans this week? Writing them down (and making them public) helps me stay accountable!


  1. You're doing prelims already????

  2. My goodness! So how many years do you have left?? I thought I was cruising through coursework!

  3. I have just as many left-- they just moved prelims up now to the beginning of our second year instead of the end. plus, we have a lot less coursework required (but more research). Wahhh.


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