Sunday, July 10, 2011

Weekly Workout Recap #3

Another week, another slew of workouts in the bag. Last week I planned to amp up my running this week. Let's see how it went down.

S- Wakeboarding
M- Golf
T- 2 miles
W- 1500m swim
R- 3 miles
S- 5-6 miles

T- 2 miles
W- 1000m swim
R- 3.25 miles

Mileage/meterage: 5.25 run, 1000m swim

Mileage? Not so 'amped up'. Overall though, Tuesday's run went pretty well, Wednesday I was so sore from wakeboarding that I cut my swim short, and Thursday's run was super hot. I had too much fun this weekend, and so didn't quite squeeze in my longer run as planned.
Without anything on the horizon to train for, I've been slacking a bit in the workout department. After 5 months of training for the marathon, I feel like I deserve a little bit of a mental break from training! But I'm also hoping to increase my endurance and use the off time to brush up on my speed.

Here's what's up for this week:
S- 3 mile jog (done!)
M- 1200m swim
T- 2 mile run (speed intervals)
W- 3 mile run
R- yoga?
F- rest
S- 4 mile run

This week I'm changing up my goals a little: only increasing the swim by a little bit and attempting to break 10 miles/week. I'm also adding a speed session and I must go to yoga this week-- I have a Groupon burning a hole in my pocket.
Today I did a light 3 mile jog in between events during Sam's running of the Grand Haven Triathlon. I spectated, and jogged slowly around the neighborhoods and through the course (with lots of starts and stops) so I don't count this mileage as 'quality' but simply as activity.

What are your fitness goals for this week?

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