Friday, July 8, 2011

Top 5 Internet Procrastination Suggestions

I was going to start writing another post in my "why I went vegetarian" series but then I realized-- it's FRIDAY!

So in order to encourage further procrastinating on work, studying and real life responsibilities, I present to you my top 5 ways to procrastinate on the internet (beyond Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and other blogs). [click images for sources]

1) Webcomics
90's Flowchart
Oh how I adore thee, comics of the web. There are seriously thousands and thousands of comics you can find online, and you can even find comics originally found in print (like Calvin and Hobbes). Some of them have storylines you can follow, but most are just funny.

When Texts from Last Night hit the scene in Spring of 2009, I was studying abroad in New Zealand and didn't really understand the whole craze. After returning, I realized that some of the greatest humor that can be found in our society boils down to the errant text message or spell-check mistake sent to the wrong person. The less-raunchy version of TFLN comes to us in the form of When Parents Text, a website that catalogs hilarious texts submitted from real people (and their parents). I hit up this site about once a week and always end up laughing out loud at my desk.

funny dog pictures - Very interestings
Surely many of you have heard of the famed internet-meme-turned-obsession Lolcats. But have you heard of Loldogs? It's absolutely hilarious, and you can waste hours scrolling through pages and pages of cute dogs captioned with hilarious titles.

For those of you looking for active procrastination, I highly recommend Engadget, an awesome tech blog that keeps you up to date on the latest developments in the tech world. Besides that, where else on the web can you read a 10 page review on the latest Kindle AND then the subsequent 500 plus comments? Hours of entertainment and highly influential in most of my electronics purchases.

Another highly useful site (that you won't be embarrassed to be caught checking out during the workday) is Lifehacker. The writers of this site amass tons of knowledge and create great how-to posts, everything from how to securely tie something to your car to how to talk to the police. The instructions are easy to follow and often pretty hilarious. Even when I don't need help with something, I usually peruse the site to see if I can learn a new skill. Mushroom foraging, anyone?

Now that I've wasted approximately 2 hours composing this post, go forth and procrastinate!

What are your favorite internet procrastination sites?

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  1. hey! i'm nea's friend clare. yay daily mile friending! any way i've been reading your blog for months now and yea. so . ... I effing love xkcd and qc. i have been following qc religiously for 4 years! <3's i had fallen off the toothpaste for dinner and will pick that one back up too. have you checked out saturday morning breakfast cereal?


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