Monday, March 28, 2011

Washington Weekend

This past weekend was an incredible amount of fun. I love travelling and couldn't wait to get to DC on Friday. I started out really early driving in Michigan with a gorgeous sunrise. Later, I got a speeding ticket on this same highway. Oops...
I made my plane and spent Friday and Saturday getting ready for and running the National Half Marathon. After the race, I spent the rest of my weekend with my college girlfriends. I stayed with my BFF Ashton and spent time cuddling with her kitty Cicek while we watched Sex and the City post-race.
Later we dragged ourselves out of bed and went to see the cherry blossoms! They were in full bloom and totally gorgeous.
We took a giant walk that led us to the waterfront and around the monuments.
Later that night we hit up an art show in Columbia Heights put on by friends of Ashton. There was free PBR...
art on the walls...
and lots of fun to be had.
Sunday morning I woke up early and hightailed it to Baltimore for an insanely quick visit with my BFF Linnea. We started with a fantastic brunch in downtown Baltimore. Still looking to eat back calories from the race, I inhaled vegetable eggs Benedict with a side of potatoes, fruit and coffee.
Then we went back to her house to visit her gorgeous and and adorable daughter Sophie!
Sophie is already pretty good with my Blackberry.
Sadly I had to hop back on a plane to Michigan after only a few hours. My visit was so short and left me wanting more girl time! I'll have to visit again soon :)


  1. Sophie is so cute!

  2. isn't she just? she's just over a year old!

  3. I love all the pics, Kaitlin!! The cherry blossoms are GORGEOUS, and you and Ashton and Linnea look BEAUTIFUL and Sophie is REALLY CUTE. :)


  4. thanks em!! we had an INSANE amount of fun and I wish I could go back this instant!


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