Thursday, March 3, 2011

Nicaragua Bake Sale!!

The lovely Katie from SweetTater Blog is heading out on a service trip to Nicaragua in a few weeks. She's been preparing for this intense trip, which has elements of camping, conservation and education efforts for the Nicaraguan people.

This is Katie:

(photo from Katie's blog)

To read more about her trip, click here.

Going to Nicaragua is no easy ride-- the participants will be dealing with economic and cultural struggles, plus harsh environments and are at the mercy of tropical diseases. Planning and funding this trip is a costly endeavor. To help in these efforts, many bloggers across the US and Canada are coming together to put together an online bake sale!

There are many offerings-- from desserts and breads to tea towels and catnip cookies. Go on over to the Bake Sale page to check out all of the offers and make a bid!

My bake sale offering is the Healthy Berry Scones! I'm totally addicted. They're made without sugar and with half whole-wheat flour. I will gladly customize the berry or fruit to your liking-- I've done peaches, blueberries, blackberries and lemon zest!

They can come to you in large scone form:

Or tiny scone form:


To bid, check out Katie's bake sale page. Bidding closes at 10pm tonight!

Happy bidding, and here's to a safe and successful trip in Nicaragua!

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