Sunday, April 3, 2011

Another Great Weekend

This weekend a bunch of Holland friends came into town to hang out at Michigan.

Friday night we all went to see the 50th Anniversary of the Peace Corps Benefit Concert featuring Lupe Fiasco and RJD2. Fun fact: did you know that the Peace Corps was started with a late-night speech by John F. Kennedy at the University of Michigan?
The concert was bomb.

RJD2 is hands down one of my favorite artists and was mixing up a storm. The videos that went along with the tracks were awesome and absurd.
Lupe was fantastic as well. He had tons of energy and put on a great show. He also kept in the spirit of the benefit concert, talking about getting the most of our education and not just sitting around waiting for things to happen. Pretty cool.
Saturday morning I got up planning to do 10 miles for a step-back week of marathon training. Long runs have gotten so tedious because it's hard to force myself to stay in on Friday night so I can run fresh on Saturday. I ended up only doing 3 miles in 29 minutes, but something is better than nothing.

Later that afternoon I baked a ridiculous cake version of SK's Irish Car Bomb cupcakes. I skipped the ganache and instead did a whiskey chocolate glaze. The cake was for my friend Ryan's 21st birthday (it's tomorrow!) and all of our friends gathered to surprise him with cake and a rasterbation.
Ryan (on the left).
After a crazy night of celebrating, I spent Sunday eating pumpkin blueberry pancakes and working on a lab meeting presentation. Perfect.
How was your weekend?

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