Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Spring/Summer Race Plans

Now that spring is finally here, I'm getting really excited for race season! So excited that I officially registered for my planned 25K: 5/3rd River Bank Run!

After the race, I'm going to tack on another 4.5 miles or so to complete my 20 miler for marathon training. I can't wait, especially because some blog friends are running it too!

Last summer I had a blast racing and I'm really looking forward to stepping up my game this season. I want to go longer and be faster.

In May, I'll be running the RBR and the Bayshore Marathon! I'm planning on taking it easy in June and working on my swimming because in July I'll be doing the Grand Haven Sprint Triathlon!
Last year, Sam, his dad and I all did the sprint tri relay. At the end of the race, Sam's dad challenged us all to do the full triathlon this summer. I'm excited, but I'm a terrible swimmer!

Another crazy race in July is the Great Lakes Relay. This is a relay in Northern Michigan that covers 240 miles in 3 days with 10 person relay teams. I'm 90% sure I'm going to do this relay with a team from UM-- it's going to be dirty, hot and an insane amount of fun.
After that, we'll have to see what happens. I might pick up another half marathon or full marathon to round out the year, or just work on some speedy 5Ks. I love racing and I can't wait for this season to officially start in Michigan!

What races are you looking forward to?

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