Thursday, May 12, 2011

15 Minute Vegetarian Gumbo

By now, you all know I am a giant fan of quick dinners, like my 10 minute meals or 15 minute risotto. After being in a recipe rut for a few weeks, I whipped up this 15 minute gumbo on Tuesday and have been enjoying the leftovers all week.
Here's what you need for success. The highlight of this meal was the $1.00 package of okra I found on produce clearance!
For 4 servings:
-Quick brown rice
-1/2 large onion
-1 can diced tomatoes
-1 can kidney beans
-1-2 Tbsp cajun spice
-1-2 Tsp chili powder
-Hot sauce to taste
-Salt and black pepper to taste

Start by boiling water and rice for 4 servings of brown rice (according to package). Then, chop and steam vegetables in water until tender.
Stir in entire can of tomatoes (with juice!) and reduce heat. Add spices to taste. Your kitchen smells amazing right now.
While gumbo reduces, add rinsed kidney beans to finished brown rice and mix. I add a little bit of spice in here too so it's not quite so bland.
Once everything is done, spoon rice into a bowl and top with gumbo and extra hot sauce.
This was incredibly delicious. I was really pleased with how the recipe turned out and ate two bowls!

In other news, I've been slowly getting better this week. I've ran twice, a 5 miler and a super hot 10 miler yesterday and I'm feeling mediocre about the 20 miler this weekend. Here's hoping I rock it out!
What's your favorite quick meal?

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