Monday, May 9, 2011

Down With the Sickness

Continued apologies for the lack of posting lately! My life has been incredibly busy (I'm sure yours has been too!) and I promise to get back on the blogging wagon.
This weekend was Earlham graduation! I went back to campus to see my friends graduate and have a good time.

There was amazing food,
great friends
and lots of good times.
One thing that's been stressing me out lately is the marathon! With only 3 weeks to go, this week is supposed to be my peak marathon training week. Frustratingly, I've been sick for over 2 weeks now! I had a cold, then got better and ran 18 miles. After that, I got sick again and scrapped my 14 miler this weekend for a quick 5-er with BFF Kyla. I felt crappy then too!
Now today I have a scratchy voice and a cough. I took a lot of time off of running last week and am really getting frustrated! Here's what I'm going to do this week to make sure my 20 miler on Saturday is sickness-free.

-Rest: after dropping my mileage by about 50% last week, I'm going to continue to listen to my body and not push it this week. My goal is to run at least twice before the 20 miler on Saturday.

-Eat well: continuing eating nutrient-dense foods and drinking lots of water will help boost my immune system

-Get enough sleep!!
Saturday will be the 2nd of my training races for this marathon! I'll be running the 5/3rd River Bank Run 25K + 4.5 miles to make 20 for the day. I can't wait!!

How do you adjust your workouts when you're sick?


  1. I'm at the point in my journey where I will look for any excuse, seriously *any* excuse, not to exercise. If i'm not feeling well (as long as its not a horrible flu/cold) I move anyway, or else i'll slip back in to my old habits of doing nothing. For me, that means making myself walk the dog, do a 1 mile walk etc.

  2. You hang in there! I'm glad you are listening to what your body tells you. Need to find something to boost your immune system. Good luck this weekend. Can't wait to hear. Love you and so proud of you


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