Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Tales from the blizzard zone

By now, most of you know that portions of the country have been covered in snow. Last night we had a blizzard warning and the radar looked like this:
And outside it was blustery and cold.

After my Strength Training for Runners class (training plan) I walked home in the snow. It was pretty windy and cold, so when I came in my backpack was nicely iced with snow.

As the weatherman was calling for 7-15 inches, I settled in for the night and cooked up some soup by taking this can of veggie soup and adding a cup of cooked brown rice I had leftover from the night before.

Plus a piece of toast= delicious winter meal.

Later I put off my studying further and made whole-wheat Lemon Blueberry Scones according to this recipe. They're absolutely delicious, albeit really buttery! I also skipped the glaze. I promptly ate 2 of them. :)

Unfortunately, overnight we only got about 6 inches total of snow. Combined with Michigan's policy on no-snow days means that we're one of the few institutions in the nation open today!

Even with the roads looking like this...
I'm still at work.

Were any of you affected by the snow storm? I heard Indiana is covered in ice!


  1. Oh gracious, that is a lot of snow! None here, thankfully!

  2. lucky you!! I hear people are turning on their AC in Florida. I must say I'm jealous :)

  3. snow didn't hit us here!


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