Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Kyla's Wedding Weekend!

This past weekend I had the pleasure of heading to Kansas City for my BFF Kyla's wedding!

We partied...
We got ready...
And we celebrated!
I've known Kyla and Jay since they started dating in college, and it was so fun to be a part of their special day. I love them both and am so happy for them!
While in KC, I had packed and planned to workout at least twice. Of course, that didn't end up happening due to all of the bridesmaid duties, but the ladies and I busted out some pushups and situps right before the ceremony. Plus there was plenty of dancing on the dance floor :)

My running lately has been mediocre. Last week I did a 2m hill workout on the treadmill and then skipped my weekend runs. Yesterday I managed to squeeze in 1.25 fast miles before my strength training for runners class, and today cranked out 3m at 9:40 pace.

Right now I'm just trying to maintain my fitness before starting on my training plan for the races this spring! The weather has been super icy, so I've been forced indoors. I'm starting to get sick of the treadmill :(

After yesterday's workout I was crazy hungry, so I made a smoothie:
It contained frozen berries and bananas, a scoop of pumpkin, rice milk, and protein/peanut powders. Yum!
Later I followed it up with some thai drunken noodles with tofu. Delicious.

Anyone else sick of the treadmill?


  1. i am one of those weird people that likes the treadmill - i tried a new workout yesterday that was amazing - intervals and the fastest i have ever on the treadmill - 8!

    Time Speed
    1-2 3.5
    2-5 6.0
    5-10 6.5
    10-12 7.0
    12-17 6.5
    17-19 7.0
    19-24 6.0
    24-26 8.0
    26-31 6.0
    31-33 7.0
    33-38 6.5
    38-40 7.0
    40-45 6.5
    45-48 6.0
    48-50 3.5
    Total: 5.21 miles

  2. awesome! I do speed intervals too, but for 'junk miles' when I just want to go for endurance, I get bored! congrats on getting up to 8! I've only ever hit 7 :)

  3. You betcha. I don't even use the treadmill that often, but I dislike it for the same reason I dislike the bike I ride the other half of the week. There's nothing to look at and you feel like you're going nowhere. I need scenery!

  4. Aww congrats to your friends! That's so exciting! :)

  5. I've been really into the gym lately, but mainly cause I'm working out for general health and cardio, so I guess I can switch it up more. Also, I have a crappy knee leftover from field hockey, so I love that the bike, eliptical, and speed walking with a super incline on the treadmill are all awesome options for my poor achey joints. :-) Also, a tv in front of the treadmill always helps!


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