Monday, December 27, 2010

Detroit Lions vs Miami Dolphins

Yesterday I got to do something I've been waiting years to do-- go to a Detroit Lions game and see them WIN!

The Lions were playing the Miami Dolphins in Miami, and since we're in Florida it was a perfect opportunity to catch a game. The weather was beautiful, although a bit chilly for Florida.
We bought our tickets on StubHub, and ended up getting great seats in the 'club level'! It was insanely nice and had a 'club' that had bars, restaurants, fancy bathrooms and even a live jazz band! After lounging for a while, it was time for the game.
Miami's stadium is gorgeous! Huge and tall, so from our seats we could see the action on the field.
Like I said, it was chilly and super windy! We bundled up and settled in for the game.
The opening ceremonies were great-- including an American flag shaped like the United States and lots of fanfare over the teams.
It was soo windy! Here you can see the flag holder guys struggling against the wind!
But then, we got down to business-- football! The Lions played really well and pulled through for a 34-27 win! We also got to see Chad Henne, #7 for the Dolphins, previous QB for Michigan!

All in all, we had a wonderful time! It was a great family outing and totally awesome to see the Lions win in person :)

Today we woke up to another blustery cool day. Sam and I took off for a run and it was incredibly windy! Sam left after about a mile, then came back and joined me on his bike. It was so hard to push through in the windy gulf sections, but I'm glad I did.

Mile 1: 9:41
Mile 2: 9:44
Mile 3: 9:45
Mile 4: 9:44
Mile.75: 9:42

Love to see those steady splits! Afterwards I came back and inhaled lunch that Sam and I prepared-- he did the quesadillas, I did the salad!

My quesadilla contained:
-2 tbsp pine nut hummus
-half a small tomato
-shredded mexican cheese
-grilled onions/garlic

So yummy! Now we're off to shop in the sun. Have a good day!

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